Tim Russ

Tim Russ is a multi-talented actor, director, musician, singer, and screenwriter, best known to science fiction fans as Lieutenant Commander Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager. Prior to his role on Voyager, Tim began his professional acting career in 1985, making appearances in a variety of popular television series, including Hill Street Blues, Thirtysomething, 21 Jump Street, Beauty and the Beast, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and a reoccurring role as Principal Franklin in iCarly.

Tim Russ is no stranger to the Star Trek Universe. He’s made guest appearances in TNG (“Starship Mine”), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (“Invasive Procedures”) and the film, Star Trek Generations. When Star Trek: Voyager went into development, Star Trek’s casting directors were quite familiar with Tim and knew he’d be perfect to play Lieutenant Tuvok. A graduate of Star Trek’s on-the-job “directors-in-training” program, Tim Russ now supplements his prolific acting career with a variety of directing assignments. He directed the celebrated Star Trek: Of Gods And Men, as well as Star Trek: Renegades and Renegades: The Requiem.