Anthony Larice

Shifting in between independent projects and silver screen features, Anthony Larice has been all over the map in film. Most notably, he’s premiered his post-apocalyptic web series as well as a Firefly fan film at Comic Cons and film conventions around the country. He once said “Hello” to Seth Rogan. Seth said “Hi” back.

A lazy materialist, Anthony in Floaters, is obsessed with early-to-mid-21st Century ephemera, and spends a lot of his girlfriend’s money on vintage junk. “Visiting” The Max as a documentary filmmaker, he has very little to show for it, except several hundreds of hours of interviews with his friends, at various stages of sobriety. He’s never had an original thought in his life, which does not stop him from monopolizing every conversation. When confronted with actual or perceived danger, Anthony is most likely to try to throw his friends under the bus — but he’s not great at that, either. His childlike wonder does make him less intolerable. Jess will confirm.