Atomic Network In Pre-Production of CRYPTO, The Movie

CRYPTO, The Movie


The greatest invention of the 21st Century is Bitcoin and the greatest mystery of the 21st Century is who invented it. Could you ask for a better set up for a film? Atomic Network is now in pre-production of CRYPTO, a movie that will explore this pivotal development in human history.

In 2009, a mysterious genius using the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ created Bitcoin, the world’s first peer-to-peer private, digital currency. Bitcoin then ignited a revolutionary change in money, banking, and business finance. CRYPTO, the movie is a dramatic and thrilling story of the Cypherpunks and the movement to enhance our freedoms and privacy.


CRYPTO The Movie


Our film follows the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, as well as the legendary Cryptographer, Hal Finney, and his decades-long pursuit of the holy grail of Cryptocurrency. This shocking and surprisingly heartwarming drama will ultimately reveal Satoshi’s true identity.

Fittingly, Crypto will be released world-wide on January 9th, 2019, Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary. It will be one of the first major releases on Atomic Networks new streaming platform. In fact, it’s release will coincide with the launch of version 1.0 of Atomic Network’s decentralized streaming app and digital wallet. What better way to honor the invention of decentralized, peer-to-peer money than to deliver the film using a decentralized and peer-to-peer delivery system? The film will also be purchasable with our own cryptocurrency, ATOMIC tokens.


atomic tokens


The production of CRYPTO is very near and dear to the hearts of the team at Atomic Network, as we truly believe in the potential of cryptocurrency to radically improve our world. We believe cryptocurrency is a fundamental component of the foundation of a more free, just and abundant world. It is our hope that after watching the film, even those previously unfamiliar with the world of cryptocurrency will feel the same.

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