Do you love science fiction? Are you fascinated by new technology? Enjoy playing video games? Perhaps you have a passion for space exploration, astronomy, science, and futurism?


Imagine being able to watch a TV network with a schedule of shows selected just for you, wherever you are, day or night, on every media device you own. Have you dreamed of paying for just the shows you want to see and nothing else? You’re not alone. TV on the go — a la carte — is the future of television entertainment. And that future is here.


I want to introduce you to my exciting new company:

Atomic Network

Atomic NetworkAtomic Network

Atomic Network will be a brand new, premium, television streaming service now in active development. Our original science fiction and science-technology content is designed to appeal to Trekkies, techies, geeks, and gamers. Why? Because that’s who I am. I love what you love. I know what you want to see. Atomic Network is smart TV, made by fans for fans, and we are the future of television on the internet.


My name is Sky Conway. I’m the CEO and creator of Atomic Network. I’ve had an extraordinarily career as a successful business man, attorney, and entrepreneur. I’m also a Futurist with a vision of the future shared by the legendary Gene Roddenberry, who I met and became friends with before he passed away in 1991. I believe humanity will achieve a union with machines referred to as “The Singularity.” The Singularity will allow humans to become immortal, transcend our own biology, and ultimately travel the universe. Our destiny is the stars.



Atomic Network’s schedule of programs reflects my personal vision. Our programming will offer original, scripted, sci-fi dramas and comedies like the acclaimed adventure series, Renegades, and the laugh out-loud sci-fi comedy, Cozmos, as well as fascinating short-form, non-fiction series, exploring the latest developments in astronomy, futurism, medicine, science, and technology.


I want to create short-form television series celebrating my love for classic science fiction and pop culture, with titles like: “How To Build A Ray Gun,” “Where’s My Jetpack?” “How To Survive A Robot Uprising,” “The Coming Singularity,” and many more.


I’ve designed Atomic Network to operate with smart contracts on the blockchain. Our subscribers will be able to purchase our own brand of cryptocurrency: Atomic Tokens (ATOMIC). Atomic Tokens can be exchanged for a multitude of customer purchases, everything from subscription payment plans to collectibles, show exclusives, access to behind-the-scenes content, and more.


Atomic Network is planning to hold our Pre-Sale on March 27th, 2018 followed by Token Public Sale, on May 26th. It will be an extraordinary opportunity for tech-savvy, cryptocurrency investors to directly participate in the funding of Atomic Network and help me bring the future of television entertainment to life. I invite you to learn more about our March 27th pre-sale and May 26th public sale by going HERE.


This is my first Atomic Network blog post. I invite you to come back to enjoy future blog post entries. I promise to keep you updated on all things “Atomic Network” and with the latest in science, technology, astronomy, and science fiction.


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